Spring Arts Walk!!!

Hey Internet, it’s that time again! Olympia Arts Walk, April 26/27! This year, I’ll be encamped at Mixx96.1 at 119 Washington St NE.

This year is (almost) entirely based around my new book, Stop For Ducklings & The Four Crane Day, which is a chapter book for children.
There will also be a Stop For Ducklings coloring book.

But that’s not all! We’ll be having a coloring contest for kids, with some sweet books and stuff for prizes! Sweeeeeeet!

I’ll be covering the walls with drawings of birds (mostly chickens) playing guitars. I figure, y’know, it’s a radio station and I’m releasing a book about raccoons who form a band, so guitar chickens are pretty on brand here.

Finally, the plan is to setup a drafting table, and draw a maze/map of Olympia, where I add in whatever things kids or whoever tell me to add to it! This is a ridiculously bonkers idea, so come watch me lose it completely trying to pull it off while strangers ask me distracting personal questions as I beg people to bring me coffee!

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