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I’ve started a Patreon to use as a subscription service for my work! Patreon, in case you don’t know, is a way to support artist-types that you like by having an automated recurring payment made to them. The gist with mine is that you subscribe at, and are then mailed something every month. The core idea is that I’m going to be producing a number of serialized projects, including a kids novel and an adult novel. While the producing these long-form serialized projects is the primary motivation, anyone who follows my work knows that I produce a lot more than one or two projects at a time, and so subscribers can feel confident that they’ll not only receive regular chapbooks of the novels, but also a steady stream of other books that I release. This includes picture books, poetry books, alphabet books, and who knows what else— pretty much a mystery box.

Two chapbooks, four stickers, and an actual printed book.

Maybe you know my children’s book work but not my adult stuff, or you’ve seen my art around, but never read any of my books at all, so you’re not sure. If you’re curious, or know someone who would be interested, please let me know via email, at and I can send you some stuff digitally, or meet you in a parking lot to hand over something printed.

There you go.

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