So many books!

Hey Internet! Sorry about the lag!

I’ve got too many places to update these days, so it’s easy to lose track of some of these sites. What’s new? Well! I’ve released the first three episodes of Kahnaway, my serialized lit project/novel, as well as started a blog from the perspective of the lead, Scrivener Jones.

The blog is here:, and since we’re all in quarantine, the books can be picked up by subscribing at New episodes released monthly!

I’ve also released a bunch of other new books, as I do.

Two alphabet books about murder:

Back in January I also released the first episode of Space Crime Cop Patrol, another serialized novel that I’m doing, except this one is for kids.

It’ll update on a far more spread out and random basis than Kahnaway, but will also be released through my Patreon. (Hard sell time! Back my Patreon to get ALL MY BOOKS mailed to you as they’re released!)

I’ve got other stuff going, too. Too much to backtrack and document here. I post most of it at my instagram as it’s made, plus regular random drawings and stuff, so that’s a great place to keep up. You can also sign up for some updates from my Patreon without actually paying it, which will let you know what I’m up there, or even back for like a dollar and get all the updates (though no physical books mailed to you).

Anyhow, there you go. I’m going to try to do a new quarantine-based cumulative drawing starting soon, so look out for that. Not sure what it’ll look like, since I only had the idea a few minutes ago. Huzzah!

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