Time Vanishes

I wonder how much more successful I would be if I knew how to put even a fraction of the time I spend working on projects into promoting them once they’re done. Instead, I finish up, and then roll right into the next thing, hoping that the world will somehow find me.

It’s August, and I’ve been diligently publishing Kahnaway, my serialized novel, monthly through my Patreon, (to say nothing of all the other books I’ve done through it). I’ve got six episodes out there in the world (or at least in boxes in my office), with July’s episode waiting in line at the printer, and August’s submitted for prepress. Not bad!
Here are the first six episodes:

If you’re interested, you can venmo (id: tucoyohei) or paypal me $15 for all six of them, shipped, or you can sign up through my Patreon at the Acorn Ketchup level for an even better deal that includes both July and August (once they’re out)!

I haven’t yet finished my OlyHouseArrest.com drawing, though not from lack of trying. It just got increasingly hard to manage and focus on throughout the summer, as the world burned around us. But fret ye not, it’s still up on my drafting table, and still getting slowly added to. Here’s the last time I scanned it (which is nicer than when I snap cellphone pics to post, though slightly less current):

I’ll be at the Hands On Children’s Museum in Olympia next Week, from August 18th-22nd. If you’re in town, book your spot and come on down to see me attempt to do something crazy live and in person!

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