Android Nude Revue

Here are some pen and ink pieces I did over the last couple of days.

#1- pen and ink on bristol, 14"x17"

#2 - pen and ink on bristol, 14"x17"

#3- pen and ink on bristol, 14"x17"

I don’t have any burning desire to explain the thought process that led to an edition of three drawings, all sorta identical, but not, so I won’t. the images pictured were snapped on my floor using a digital camera, so let that accommodation for these photos be known. For example: the background? It should be white. It’s just paper.

Though this style/theme may seem like a departure, it is not. My sketchbooks and stacks of art are filled with things like this. They’re also full of the cartoon characters that crop up more regularly, but, hey, that’s all part of who I am, right?

This character is a regular cast member of my art, and a version of her can also be seen online in a series of serigraphs I did last year, located here:

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