Bathos 223 et news

Tuesday morning, latte at hand, listening to Yo La Tengo’s Season of the Shark, posting Bathos 223 for your Tuesday morning edification. Not bad.

In other news: Work continues unabated on Door, most pages are colored, a process that should conclude today. Talking with my publisher, it looks as if we’ll be doing a limited run of 50 hand bound copies of the book. We may also do a more conventional print run, depending on how we feel.

In other other news: barring the unforeseen, we will almost certainly be holding the annual Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern surplus stuff sale in early December, where you can come take a look in person at the projects we’ve put together this year and make cash offers on stuff we just need to clear out. Plus, there will be coffee and cookies. Plan your holiday shopping accordingly.

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