Door is real!

Woe unto you naysayers, for Door, the new book by me, put out by publishing wunderkind Never Knows Books, is totally happening and is no longer even waiting on action from me. That’s right, the project has been shifted to other people’s hands. The components have all been ordered for the limited edition of 50 handbound copies, the cover of which will look like this:

This is the cover for the limited edition version.

and also the files have all been submitted for the mass market edition of the book, whose cover for now (and probably always) looks like this:

This is the cover for the normal edition.

Which is proof that I should really be doing the covers first, before I get totally burnt out on a project. Also, that I tend to like bleak and austere sorts of covers to projects that are really light-hearted romps through science, sex, and cursing. Door clocks in at a massive 16 illustrated pages, of which this is the first, to wet your appetite:

Oh my gosh, I hope we didn't give away the ending!

I don’t feel any desire to answer questions about what the hell is going on here, suffice it to say that you should order a copy or swing by the Never Knows Surplus Art Sale this December to pick up a copy. The original artwork will be on display or for sale, depending upon your budget. That’s all I’ve got for now. Happy weekend!

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