Happy New Year

In celebration of making it to whatever year this is, I’m posting some art I did a week or so ago. These are all just pen on cardstock and came before/during this piece of already posted artwork: Merry Xmas.

First, is the first:

Exit Through The Bear - pen on cardstock

This piece was drawn sort of lazily while I was watching the Banksy film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. I drew the bear with a Thierry Guetta sort of facial hair thing and the sort of sentence that I would tag all over the place if I was into doing graffiti instead of just enjoying it. Anyhow, there was room on the right side of the paper so I drew these little fellows from the 4th estate.  I liked them, so I decided to draw a couple more:

pen on cardstock

Flipping channels, I came across a movie from my youth, The Great Outdoors, so I watched that for awhile and drew this, sort of thematically:

pen on cardstock

And, finally, I did the holiday piece that I put up on xmas, the original of which is here:

pen on cardstock

I scanned them all up and named the folder I put them into “The Bopes” for no other reason than it being the first thing that came to mind. They’re fun to draw, if, probably, a little derivative. Or maybe they’re not. I dunno. I just work here. Happy 2011, world.

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