Busy As A Badger – Development

So. Yesterday I opened my little sketchbook to do a drawing or a sketch or something and immediately decided to design a new character. I didn’t know what it was going to be or be for exactly, but what the hell, right? I decided to do a badger, since I’d done a little badger stuff previously:

This image is on hundreds of stickers and coffee cups, but was alarmingly hard to find on my computer.

So in the space of about ten minutes, or one Power Puff Girl cartoon, I penned out this page of rough character designs:

pen-sketched into a notebook.

As you can see, I somehow got fixated on this mouth-type and pretty much used that as the starting point for his character/design. I still like the idea of the robot badger, but I’m not sure it’ll go anywhere else. After letting the sketches ferment for awhile I did an actual pencil-first version of this guy and inked it up:

Pencil and ink on cardstock

But still he didn’t/doesn’t have a name or a purpose. One thought was that he is perhaps a Tintin-esque reporter who travels around getting into adventures, where nobody ever notices or comments on the fact that he’s a badger. He doesn’t seem like much of a talker, though, so I’m not sure this would work. Maybe he’s an unwanted visitor milling around a place while everyone reacts with horror and disgust? I thought about putting him in a world with the Bopes I’d been playing with from a few posts ago, but I think that their style and his don’t really gel, they’d spend too much time fighting over who didn’t belong aesthetically. A roommate said that she thought he was a panda, so this morning over coffee I did this drawing, to differentiate him from a panda:

pen on cardstock

And my immediate thought was, “what a perfect sidekick!” I’m still playing some with his design, he’s cross-eyed here, but that’s the sort of thing that won’t get settled until I know what he’s going to be. I’m simply not sure how expressive I want him to be capable of being, something that will both be determined by his end run usage, and inform it.

That’s been my last twelve hours in a nutshell, or at least some 30-45 minutes of the last twelve hours for me. I decided this morning to put this up here as a place to maybe consolidate my thoughts as well as to give anyone interested a little picture of the thought process that I’ve been going through. I usually do this the opposite way and design a character around the needs of the story I’ve already created, but my hope here was have something that I could maybe drop in and out of other things. I’ve been feeling a need to expand my cast recently, so this is probably a byproduct of that. Of course, we may never see him again as he’s relegated to the land of wind and ghosts with a million other drawings of mine, but it’s still, I hope, an interesting process.

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