So I’ve lately been having some fun with a new sort of illustration that I think of as being a sort of collage, only with a pen instead of scissors. I drew these sort of piecemeal- penciling, inking, and shading different bits at a time. Some bits were straight inked, no pencils used. They’re on 14×17″ bristol, india ink and inkwash. They had to be scanned in segments and stitched together with Photoshop. The Badger made it into both of them. I wonder if this is the Year of the Badger on the Chinese calendar. Or, more likely, I was bit by a radioactive badger and have now gained his powers, which are, apparently, drawing badgers over and over. Oh well. Enjoy.

14x17" ink and inkwash on bristol.

14x17" ink and inkwash on bristol.

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