Bathos On Vacation But…

In order to maintain our rigorous schedule of 50 Bathos comics a year, we’re forced to take the occasional vacation week. This is a necessary evil because, as Euclid said so elegantly, “52 is NOT divisible by ten.” But fear ye not, for we have not been resting. No, instead we have finally put together a proper site for P. Calavara’s HAMLET.

Not only is the original comic here, but the colorized version and Hamlet does Gogol’s the NOSE are also here, as well as a brief history and explanation of the entire Hamlet project, including the other Lit Project art pieces. But wait, there’s more! The next chapter in our Hamlet saga is now posted! No, I didn’t finally ink Hamlet Presents Star Wars, but I did write and draw and ink BAT-HAMLET. The first two episodes are posted on the site and the remaining (produced) episodes will be showing up one a day for the rest of the week.

Bathos will return next week to its usual time-slot and I’m sure Hamlet will update with the same regularity of all of my non-Bathos projects, but hey, whatcha gonna do. In the meantime, enjoy you up some Elsinore.

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