Sent to Press

This has been a busy week, which has culminated in two different projects being let go, released to fly off to the printer, returning only at some far-removed point for scathing review and crying over color choices. The first is a series of illustrations I did for a client in the manner of bubblegum cards featuring members of Eastern religions, including gods, philosophers, and historical and literary figures. My intention was to spend yesterday creating a spread for these to be viewed and enjoyed by any and all, not only those lucky few who commissioned the work. Alas, I spent yesterday creating a book instead. I’ll plan on presenting these next week.

The second project to go to press did so this morning and is a book entitled The Sunny Disposition. This book’s origins are in an anecdote, a true anecdote (aren’t they all?), related to me by a close friend some weeks ago. Yesterday morning I woke up and, not wanting to forget this event, wrote it out as a story. I then proceeded to illustrate the story from start to finish, twenty pages plus incidental artwork. I used a pencil only to mark out the rough size of each page for consistency and then did the illustrations entirely in ink with no guide, storyboard, rough drafts, or conception for how I would continue. There were two dabs of white-out used for smudges. All-in-all I was pleased enough with the results to do the layout and design for the work as a publication in two versions, typed and handwritten. I elected to go with typed because our last book, Door, was handwritten. With the work completely done I went to bed and this morning began the arduous fight with the publishing beast to submit the work and order a proof. Not a bad day, esp. if you include that I spent most of it doing work for real employers and had to fit TSD in between. The cover image is below.

Ink on bristol, color by Photoshop.

I also this week began work on another as-yet-untitled book. It is written, with several (four) pages illustrated. This is a far more complex work than TSD and will take considerably longer to see fruition, though my goal is to have it available by the Olympia Comics Festival on May 22nd.

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