Eastern Persons of Legend, Religion, and Some Note

As promised, and in spite of some weekly mishaps, I put together here the complete collection (so far) of Eastern Religion Bubblegum Cards I did. The backstory is that a friend of mine is teaching a class on Eastern religion and thought that trading cards would be an excellent way to introduce the huge cast of characters to the kids she was teaching. We cobbled together a list with the help of another friend of mine (Thanks, Smita!) and I set about creating them sometime back in October. This was a bit of a long project, crammed in to when I had time. These are all India ink on 9×11″ bristol, colored, shrunk and formatted on the photoshop machine. Being baseball cards, they have backsides with some information about the persona in question, as well as their team affiliation, but that seemed like too much work to also put up here. Anyhow, in the immortal words of Confucius or maybe Pokemon, Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

One of 23 cards I produced for someone teaching a class on Eastern religion. View them all!

If you’re interested in purchasing the original artwork, a set of cards, or getting a wicked Sun Wukong tattoo, we can totally make all of that stuff happen. There will be another two produced when I can find the time to bring us up to a round 25, to better fill out our poster. But it hit the point that the first round was never going to be printed if I kept waiting to be really actually totally done, so there you have it.

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