Supporting The Badgers

So today there were rallies held in every US state capitol in support of the protesters in Wisconsin. Since not letting unions get destroyed is a bit of a no-brainer for everyone with even a smidge of patriotism in them, we decided that, living in a state capitol, we would turn out at the capitol building. Late last night I heard that we ought to wear red and white in support of Wisconsin’s colors, also that there was to be something of a badger theme, badgers apparently being an important part of the Wisconsin economy. Badgers? Ah ha! Now the ball is in my court. Anyhow, I whipped these fellows out this morning and away we go. As for the rally, despite the snow and freezing temperatures, the turnout was fantastic and a good time was had by all, though my toes froze off. C’est la vie.

Front side, India ink on some crummy poster paper I had that just ATE the hell out of ink.

Back side. Oly Raccoons support Wisconsin Badgers! I should make the Buy American Panda a totally recurring guy in something or other.

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