Bathos 238 and &c.

Bathos is arisen!

In other: our new book, The Sunny Disposition, is now available for sale in the Amazon. Pretty exciting, I guess, especially since we don’t even have our sale copies yet. It joins Door and Slugger as being printed by places with rain forest affiliations. You should know that we make, like, pennies or nothing from every Amazon sale. Our other books remain only available through our store, at our offices, or when you find us live at an event somewhere. I think also some stores in downtown Olympia may carry some, but I’m never certain about that.

Also: yesterday we did a quick update of the homepage. The old one hadn’t been updated since the mid-80’s, so we thought it was time, but (and this is important), we didn’t want to spend any time actually working on the page. There you have it. We’ll maybe someday get around to actually fixing up our webstore, we hope, but things being what they are, don’t hold your breath that it will happen soon.

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