This is news, I guess. Those of you who are awesome know that I did a comic adaptation of Hamlet some years ago, available to read at neverknows.com/hamlet and available as a popular full color poster in our Olympia branch. Well, at the time that I created this, I intended to have the cast of Hamlet star in any number of other plays and movies, a brilliant and wry comment on the ubiquity of the work on modern culture and also pretty funny. I even went so far as to script and storyboard HAMLET Presents: STAR WARS, years before Family Guy stole into my office and ripped me off. Anyhow, I got sidetracked and the project got shelved for some time.

So now here I am 8 months into Dregs, my new graphic novella (200+ pages penciled, 65+ pages inked!) and dying because I haven’t actually finished anything in months. I just needed to take a crack at something else for awhile, so I dug out my script and started some pencils last night. Very exciting. I have no idea what I’ll do with a 10-12 page copyright-infringing landmine like this when I’m done, but I’ll at least maybe be done with it after so many years. Attached here is my pencils for the cast listing. Note the poor planning on placement. This is proto-typical of this sort of page, but it’ll be sorted out in the inks, I’m certain. The cast list of which character from Hamlet plays who in Star Wars was absolutely not arbitrary, so try to work out what sense it makes for yourself. To quote Polonius, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

The original cast list from my Hamlet is available here for compare and contrast.

And have no fear: I’ll be back to Dregs soon enough. In fact, pages are still on the drafting table under the new Hamlet pages. In other thoughts, I’ve already begun monkeying with ideas for the next HAMLET Presents: _________ adaptation. Got any thoughts on what I should do? Let me have ’em! Plays, books, movies, or epic poems, it’s all fair game.

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