A friend and I were watching Samurai Jack yesterday and discussing how Aku (the heavy) is probably one of our all-time favorite characters from anything. His design is spectacular, he’s voice perfectly by Mako, and is just incredibly fun in his evilness. The long and the short of it was that I decided to do a drawing of Aku for my personal gratification and &c. &c. , much as I did the Good Soldier Švejk art about a month ago. I did the line work yesterday with a nib and then today I did the blacks and color inkwash. The original is 14″x17″ bristol. This would be four scans and then compiling, so I just snapped a photo of the piece on my drafting table. Voilà!

From Samurai Jack. Ink and inkwash on bristol. Photographed on my drafting table.

I went with a Kirby Crackle for the bottom to give it some texture. There’s a lot of that in the series, whenever Aku gets cut up by Jack’s sword. However, none of the art in Samurai Jack has black lines outlining it, but since black outlines is just how I roll and since I was the one doing the art, I decided to keep my lines. It would be more faithful if they weren’t there, but what’s the point of interpretation if you don’t interpret? In the end, I’m not sure how great a decision it was to do the outlines, but it’s too late now. Maybe I’ll do another one someday. Oh well.

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