Heroes of True Hawaiian Black Metal

Ink on bristol, colored digitally.

Yesterday morning I came across a documentary about Norwegian Black Metal entitled “Until The Light Takes Us” (thanks, Netflix!) and within a few minutes of starting it I had this piece of art envisioned. I’ve been curious about this whole scene since first coming across the work of Peter Beste and I swear that some day I’ll pony up to buy his book, True Norwegian Black Metal. When the movie ended I threw on a National Geo documentary about the nature of Evil to stay in the mood while I finished penciling. It was only after I moved operations to my drafting table to ink that I remembered Metalocalypse. What’s perhaps funniest about my interest in this is that I have, like, no interest in metal beyond listening to the occasional Boris album. Late yesterday afternoon a friend emailed me a link to a guy playing Thriller on the uke, which was pretty hilarious since I’d spent the day drawing ukeleles. I colored it this morning with the photoshop box and may or may not get prints made for sale at whatever.

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