Waiting For Superman

For almost a year I’ve been meaning to get these bad boys posted and today I have. BAM:The back story for the project, entitled Waiting For Superman, is explained over on the page, but the short short version is that last year I created three comic variations on the mashed up theme of Superman meeting the chaps from Waiting for Godot. It had to do with a lecture I was giving on adaptation in comics and literature. I know, I know, but it made sense at the time and I already had done a Waiting For Godot print, so I had the character designs sitting right there waiting to be poached.

Digital print I made in 2008 and still sell if you can find me.

These comics were a lot of work (in the space of a few days) and I had always hoped to find a place for them. From the beginning of my Hamlet repository, there had been the intention to add these comics as further dalliances in the world of literary alchemy, I just didn’t get around to it until now. Enjoy.

Recommended for lit majors and probably no one else.

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