Final Two Eastern Bubblegum Cards

Some time back I did a collection of Bubblegum Cards of Eastern Religious Figures and may have mentioned that I had a couple of more to add to it. Well, I finally did that and rounded out the list with the final two cards. See, I would have just been done with the project, but when the cards were all printed out on a large sheet to be cut down, there were two empty spaces, which absolutely stabbed at that part of me who can’t abide waste. So I solicited the final two names, got the backs written out and finally got them created. I should get the new sets back this week sometime and get the large two-sided posters for sale by the Olympia Arts Walk this Friday, at which I’ll have a booth (more on that later in the week). Anyhow, below is the final poster and one of the new additions. The full set can be viewed individually here.

The new two are at the bottom right. Here is a close-up of Guanyin.

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  1. Joamette says:

    Guanyin is my favorite. =)

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