The Greatest Frontiersmen!

So, here in Olympia there is a local coalition of comic artists, of which I seem to be a member by default, being as I’m a comic artist here in Olympia. Whew! I’ve never been to a single of their weekly meetings and probably never will (they occur dab smack during my weekly soccer) but they nonetheless asked me to submit a comic for a compilation being put together for the Olympia Comics Fest later this month (May 21st!) . The theme for the compilation was “Frontiers” or something like that. I monkeyed around with a few ideas and even got rough pencils for a few pages of some sci-fi themed “frontier” comic, before deciding that I hated it. Where to go from there? Well, if you’re as sarcastic and steeped in esoterica as I am, you head down this path:

ink and inkwash on bristol, 11x17", page 2 of 9

I produced 9 of these, of which this was #2, each focusing on a different frontiersmen. I hit pretty much all the ones I could remember offhand. I probably didn’t do the greatest job digitizing the whole project, but it was something of a rush job. Sorry. I’ll hopefully get a link to the finished book once it’s for sale, and you should be able to come pick it up at the Oly Comics fest, natch. All proceeds go to support the Olympia Comics Collective. I dunno if I’ll post the whole project on the web or somewhere else at some point. We’ll see how I feel and if I can come up with a good location for it. Perhaps in the non-Hamlet part of the Hamlet site? Suggestions welcome.

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