Jan Manski

Two updates in one day! Yeesh!

So, backstory: a month or two ago my friend Craig sent me a link to this image, a piece of art that another friend of ours, Bryan, had recently purchased or been into or something by the artist Jan Manski.

Photograph by Jan Manski that a friend of mine bought.

The photo didn’t do much for me, but really freaked out Craig, so I naturally exacerbated the situation by doing a drawing of the piece. This was just something quick that I straight inked, no pencils, with the original opened on my computer across the room. Nothing serious, just a way to sort of respond and while away a few minutes.

ink and inkwash on bristol, 9x12"

I thought about it some and decided that if I REALLY wanted to do a response to it, I would engage the art as I do all other things all the time, and cartoonize it. I meant to do this, like, the same afternoon I saw the picture but things came up and I forgot about it until this morning when I came across the original piece I’d done in a pile in my studio. I figured now was as good a time as any to take a whack at it, and here you go:

ink on bristol, 4x17"

Sort of strange, but it was still something I did and I figured that that’s why I keep this site in the first place, right? To document whatever I’m messing around with. Anyhow, There you have it. At the end of the day, I’m not sure if I did these for Bryan, who loved the original, or to bug Craig, whose nightmares it haunts. Does it matter?

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