Week off from Bathos, new Robot art

So. I’d always thought that year 5 would end at Bathos 250. In light of the math not working out that way (freaking Erdös), I elected to take the week off of Bathos to let that happen. I did take a few minutes to streamline the Bathos page a little bit, and though I’ll miss the hand-coded little boxes that everything lived in before, this is crisper and will let us post new comics at a larger size, hopefully making them more legible. For some reason the mouseovers no longer work, but I’ll hopefully get that resolved this week sometime. We’ll see. Check back next week for a new Bathos and an announcement about the future of that comic, dun Dun DUN.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this illustration I did of some robots. The original has the large robot ink washed with some gold ink in the mix, so the original sparkles a little in a way that the digital scan does not. C’est la vie.


ink and ink wash on 14x20" bristol.

Oh, yeah. To whatever extent I think about what I’m drawing, I was thinking about that Goya painting of Saturn Devouring His Children as I did this piece. How Classical!

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