Bathos 251 and Changes


Bathos is posted.

Since I began Bathos on my birthday 5 years ago, that means I just had or am about to have a birthday (yesterday). 5 years is quite a long time to cram out a weekly comic and every few months since year 1, I swear that I’m going to give it up. For the last year I’ve been consistently telling myself that the change would come at the end of year 5, and being as we’re there, well, here… So as of today Bathos will no longer be a weekly comic but will instead be published whenever I feel like. This may mean that I just let it slip away as I focus on other projects, or it may be that I continue to update practically weekly, but not on Tuesdays. Probably somewhere in between. I’ve spent the last five years observing the world through the lends of what stories and jokes I could pull out and use in Bathos, and I don’t imagine being able to just shut that off or close down the need to keep in contact with this world, but I’m giving myself an ulcer trying to get something written every week. It’s just time to let that deadline monkey off of my back and let the chips fall where they may.

In honor of that, I finally posted a comic with something like a cast list, to kick off the new era. I’ve also upped the size of the comic to improve legibility. There was a time (back when I started the comic) that 900pixels wide was taxing the size of the average computer users display settings. What a world. I still haven’t fixed the mouseover issue on the navigation, but I do intend to get to that and I may even send out some emails to try and finally get the long promised search function working. We’ll see. Anyhow, that brings us up to date. Enjoy the comic and let me know your thoughts on the change.

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