Frontiers Compilation

Hey internet. What a busy weekend. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was a doozy. I chose a good time to change the parameters of Bathos because otherwise I’d have missed this week anyways. Speaking of, I’ve got a couple written, started penciling one, and have ideas lined up for others, so it doesn’t seem to be leaving.

In other news: A month or so ago I posted a comic page from The Greatest Frontiersmen, a 9 page (i think) comic I put together for a compilation book that was released at the Olympia Comics Fest last month. Well, I still haven’t looked through an actual copy of the book for myself, but I know it’s out there (I saw it from across the room once) and I requested and received a flyer for the book, which I’m posting here.

That's my bear up top.

So, apparently, if you’re in the area, swing by the Danger Room and if you’re not, email Joamette, who is the nice young lady who runs the comics group and I think put this whole thing together. As for my contribution, I’m sure I’ll reprint it somewhere at some point, possibly even online, unless I forget, in which case this is the only place you’ll ever have a chance to see it.

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