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So. Bowing to popular demand, the plan is to order up some t-shirts for the next Make Olympia Craft Fair, Saturday, August 20th. I’ve got some quotes and need to get some art in soon, but am not sure what will make for a popular shirt. I’ve got some art here that may work, but wanted to toss this out to see what other people like/would buy. The colors are not necessarily hard and fast, but were chosen enough to keep the cost of printing shirts reasonable, since it goes up for every color you add. Anyhow, here’s the art. Lemme know what you would like.

Three color printing (white, black, and pink) on a red shirt- the shirt is the tongue color, but the tongue also works in pink and the shirt could then be any color.

Drawn at the last Make Olympia fair while manning my booth. Four color. I could add the "Tubes" thought from the original ZombieBot art from forever ago if that seems like a good idea.

Two color on an off-white shirt or three color on whatever to bring in the white. This may be too local or too esoteric or it may be something I'll sell a million of to everyone who stops in. I've had this drawing and this concept sitting around for some time.

I drew this bear at the last Make Olympia fair while manning my booth. He's three colors since he didn't work super well on a color shirt without being colored himself.

There you have it. I may also want to do just the raccoon face from the raccoon painter image I posted a week or so back, here. It wouldn’t have the neat ink pattern in the black, but is still a shirt I would personally absolutely buy.

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