T-Shirt Winner, maybe

So, after tallying up all the emails I received, the Oly-Raccoon was the winner. I went through and adjusted the top font to be more reminiscent of the Olympia Beer logo, since I suppose that IS what I’m pastiching off of.

If you prefer the original version from the previous post, let me know quickly.

In related t-shirt news. I received an email offer from zazzle.com to get a bunch of money off a customer shirt, so I quickly threw together something using some old Capybara art from Scrimshaw and ordered it for myself. Turns out that I had another design already posted up there for a Niels Bohr shirt I made for my friend Judah several years ago. What a world! Both designs are now available in a store on their site at zazzle.com/calavara, for anyone interested. I only sort of accidentally discovered I have a store, so I’m not sure if I get anything if anyone buys anything, but I thought I would at least you know it existed.

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