Make Olympia, Abecedarium, and Bathos 257

Okay. No update for awhile. Sorry about that.

But I make it up to you by being available live and in person this Saturday at the August Make Olympia Craft Fair! Just visit downtown Oly on Washington St, between 4th and State, between 10am and 5pm to heckle me in person! Yay! I even have a boss new t-shirt for sale!

I’ve recently begun work again on an alphabet book I began back in Feb or March. I made some oblique reference to it at that time but to make up for my radio silence this last couple of weeks I’m including here a photo of the page I most recently finished (at about 545am this morning). I had to take a few months off from this book for scheduling reasons but have begun working on it again in earnest. Though the text is not included here, please enjoy the letter “R.”

Ink on 9x12 bristol. Probably some pencil that I haven't begun to erase yet, as well.

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: Bathos 257!

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