I suck!

Hey Busy Badgers, I have been well amongst your ranks of late. So deeply embedded in the world of no-time that I have not had the chance or wherewithal to post anything. It’s nothing personal and I’ll try to make it up a little bit in the next week or so, though no promises. I do have a Bathos penciled that I’m hoping to ink this weekend during the Sounders game, so you’ll be seeing that soon. I’ve got some new prints all ordered up that should be showing up before too long, and I’ve got a new shirt design that I should have for sale by the next Make Olympia fair on Saturday Sept 17th. I’ve been working long hours on some art for the Olympia Film Society that will be up for a charity auction to support the theatre sometime in a month or two (and available in a coloring book eventually!). I haven’t touched any of my proper projects or work in awhile, but I’m hoping to get back to those soon. Soon soon soon!

In the meantime, enjoy this drawing I did of John Falstaff for some friends’ wedding this last weekend. The final piece was colored with inkwash, framed up and given away to those two drama-lovin’ kids, but I did manage to scan the black and white art, which you can enjoy here, now!

Ink on bristol, 11x14"

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