Panda Bunny Drinks!

Thanks to those who came out in the rain on Saturday for Make Oly. It was a good time in spite of the weather. People seemed to like the Panda Bunny shirt an awful lot, so in response to that, I’m going to post this artwork that I found this morning. Yay!

ink on bristol, color by ink wash

I had to dig some artwork out of a portfolio for a client and came across this piece of art. I’d forgotten about it, but basically I drew it while bored in Oregon with family last year. I went ahead and scanned it up and now here you go. It’s not my best or favorite Panda Bunny, but since I found it I figured I might as well toss it up.

I’ll have a new Bathos soon, my pretties, soon. Like, tomorrow soon. I just need to erase and digitize it.

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