So, some time last year I came up with an idea for a new comic book or possibly a cartoon. Something, at any rate. The first piece of work I did was a character study:

I filled a couple of pages of a sketchpad with some ideas and then basically left the project sitting while I moved on to other things. This last week I decided to do a concept piece for no particular reason beyond wanting to draw something fun and fighting a monster, which is what I did:

technical pen on bristol, color by ink wash, 11x14

The larger project and concept isn’t really anywhere near done or worth talking about (unless you’re an artist interested in collaborating!) but I’m posting it here now not only to fill up a blog entry, but because I have no idea what happened to the original character drawing. I had to dig through old emails to find a scan I’d sent to a friend last year in order to remember what the characters looked like properly. This way, at least, I’ll have a handy record to check back on and everyone else gets to see a neat drawing I did of a tentacle mammoth monster thing. Win-win.

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  1. Kristina says:

    That’s about the cutest damn kraken I’ve ever seen. I like these characters.

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