Fall Arts Walk

So. This Friday and Saturday is Olympia’s Arts Walk, encompassing downtown, swallowing the Capitol whole. Or something. I, your devoted comic stripper, will be well-represented at this event, in that I will have a booth for Make Olympia, hawking my artsy stuffs on Washington street, as well as having original art for sale at two locations, the Capitol Theatre (for charity!) and at the Danger Room (also for charity, sorta).

OLYMPIA FILM SOCIETY – To celebrate the 80th year of the theatre and the 30th year of the Oly Film Fest, the OFS is putting out a coloring book of local artists’ drawing of parts of the Capitol Theatre. The book will be out in a couple of months (in time for holiday shopping), but the original art for the book is going to be silent auctioned off this Friday at the theatre. All of the pieces are 9×12″ images on 11×14″ paper. There are some awesome pieces! I know because I not only drew three of them, but scanned all of the others for the coloring book. My entries are here:

ink in 11x14" bristol

The concession stand above was the first I handed, in at which point I was asked to draw a second piece. Unfortunately I asked what they wanted done and was pointed towards the rigging some 30ft up a frightening ladder hidden behind and above the screen.

ink on 11x14" bristol

The third piece I did was taken on while drawing the second. My hand was cramping from the detail so I decided to just draw something big and sweeping to give my hand a chance to not seize up, which led to this fellow:

ink on 11x14" bristol

All proceeds go to the Olympia film Society. Support your local theatre!

OLYMPIA COMICS COLLECTIVE – The Oly Comic people are putting out there second compilation of work by local cartoonists, entitled “Laundry Day”. I gave them like 9 pages of The Greatest Frontiersman for their last compilation (I’ll put all my pages up on the web somewhere someday) but said that I didn’t have time to do a comic this time around, so how about I draw and create the cover? Turns out I should have just drawn a damn comic.

ink on 14x17" bristol, color by photoshop

The original art, plus the original back cover art, plus the single page comic I DID end up drawing after all are all going to be down at the Danger Room. If they sell, all proceeds will go to help support the Oly Comic Collective people. We also got some posters of the cover made, same deal with proceeds. I may have another piece of art I did up at the Danger Room, just for shits and giggles. We’ll see if I make it over there.

Anyhow, there you go. Friday from 5-10. Saturday from 11-4. Downtown Oly. Come support all good things!

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