Hamlet Does The Nose

So: Here is Hamlet doing one of my all time fave-rave short stories, Gogol’s The Nose.

Since the story is, like, forever old from last century, it’s public domain, which means you can read it here if you never have (I just grabbed the first web link/copy I found through the google-machine, so I don’t endorse or have even read this translation).

Anyone who wants to do this as an actual monologue for their next audition or turn it into a little film of themselves will totally get some awesome Hamlet artwork from me! If this is your first time here: this is the beast what started this: HAMLET (in b/w or mit farben!).

So now we’re here: Oh my gawsh, what the heck happened? The long and the short of it is that I didn’t have the energy to watch Star Wars to get my ships modeled correctly for HdSW (maybe this weekend if anyone in town is willing to watch the movie with me through my constant pausing to draw star destroyers?). I thought that adapting The Nose would be, like, a single page that I could whip out in a day. It actually took me like two days and change. Says a lot about my great estimating skills. Anyhow, enjoy. HdSW is still on my desk, sitting atop Dregs and, of course, that damned Bathos I gots to always keep on top of. Good grief!

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