New art in the style of Josef Lada’s ČERT A KÁČA

Some time ago I did some drawings based on Josef Lada’s illustrations of the Good Soldier Švejk. Well, last week or probably a week or two before that I did a couple of other pieces based on some buildings in another of his pieces. Sheesh! Anyhow, when I was in Prague a couple of years ago I came across his art and bought a couple of cheap small prints, mostly so that I would remember his name. This was one of them:

This is totally a Josef Lada print, scanned from a cheap copy that I own. It's called ČERT A KÁČA and is based on a story about the Devil.

I like a lot about Lada’s artwork, and decided that it would be fun to do some of those Totoro looking buildings of my own, not for any particular reason. The results are below:

Ink wash on 11x14" bristol.

ink wash on 11x14" bristol.

I did these from memory of how I imagined the building looked. Not so accurate, but I think it at least kind of captured the idea I wanted. They’re certainly not the finest art I’ve ever produced, but they were fun to do. I made the first while watching Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, and the second while watching ST:TNG. There you go.

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