So. I’ve gone ahead and started two different Kickstarter projects. Isn’t that nutty? (For those who don’t know how Kickstarter works, I put forth a project and then people pledge money at different levels in exchange for rewards. If I meet my funding goal, everyone gets charged and I get the money. If I fail to meet my funding goal, nobody is charged and I get zip.)

The first, The Trenchant Puppy, is an alphabet book I’m creating. This one is pretty much par for the course for me. It’ll be produced either way, I’m just hoping to offset some of the cost and to find a home for the artwork that DOESN’T include a pile on my desk.

The second, An Abecedarium, is all about financing building a serigraphy studio in my basement. the specific project includes lots of prints, posters, and an art book. This also includes the alphabet as a delivery system.

There you go. Please support me!

P.S. New Bathos coming as soon as I find time to ink it!

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