Bathos 264 & Kickstarter Update

Hey, Internet! New Bathos is posted! Quite excitement!

Also, there have been a few updates to each of our Kickstarter projects.

The first: A Calavara Abecedarium. Work continues unabated on this project. The poster is coming together in what we feel is a meaningful way. The holiday postcards are ordered, as are the stickers. Actually, we’re just about finished with what work can be done before the project is financed. And we do have a ways to go to get it financed, so please back our project and tell your friends and loved ones to back our project. Remember, if you use letters in your daily life or otherwise, you owe me.

The second project: The Trenchant Puppy. This project is fully financed! Yay! But the best way to get the book and some swag and score an original page from the book remains getting on board as a backer. Most of the pages are inked and I picked up some more ink (I was out!) from Olyphant yesterday (at their new location!), so I get to begin ramping up production on that project again today or tomorrow. I should have all primary art done in the next few days and be beginning to color the pages.

There you go.

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