Art Show This Weekend!

Firstly, check out this new piece of art I did for no particular reason:

ink on 11x14" bristol.

Now that you’re buttered up, here’s the meat and potatoes of this post: this Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 both days, I’ll be selling art to support a couple of excellent causes and also myself at the Olympia Armory on Legion st. Here’s a friendly flyer I was given:


One of my Kickstarter projects, The Trenchant Puppy!, is ending this Monday, so if you haven’t supported it yet, you should! Or else support my other Kickstarter project ending the week after: This One!

In also news: Next next Saturday (the Saturday after Turkey Day), I’ll be at a local art event at Lincoln Elementary, here in Olympia, for which I was provided this nice flyer:

You and your loved ones should do their shopping at these events for the holiday season! Seriously! You should!

That’s it for now. Stay crafty!

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