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So. The Kickstarter projects are over and done. One of them passed, one of them failed. C’est la vie. I’ll have a new book, The Trenchant Puppy here so quickly that it’s already available for pre-order over at the Never Knows shop.

Speaking of the shop, Rick went ahead and totally updated and changed around the shop this morning. We talked this weekend and realized that neither of us had updated it in years. Oops. The new design is based upon some really high end cooking gadget webshops we found. Pretty weird, but just in time for the holidays. The new header image at the top is a drawing I did a week ago while watching some soccer. I’ve been drawing a lot of Fat Cats recently. Seemed appropriate. If there are typos and such, the reason is that the page was done in a rush. Don’t judge, just let us know what needs fixing. There’re no prints or paintings up there now, but there will be soon, probably. Anyhow, I’m too tired for anything else today. Cheers.

ink on 11x14" bristol.



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