So… Olympia was just “the bullseye for a west coast super storm,” in case you missed the national news. My house received a good 14+ inches that then froze. We lost power Thursday morning and with no means of generating heat, decided to decamp to somewhere that did have heat. The power came on yesterday, just shy of the 120 hour time limit to make us eligible for any sort of rebate on our power bill. While laid up I did a couple of short comics, which I’ve just scanned and, now that I have internet again, a day after getting the power back, I am hereby posting for your edification. Dig it:

And then episode 2:

These were both done on a nice mixed media paper on a pad that’s small enough to keep in my purse, drawn with whatever technical pen I had with me. I mostly penciled/wrote a third episode last night but went to bed before finishing it and now it feels a little silly, so we’ll see if I ever do anything with it.

I had the idea of Snowgnarok as a name from before the snow actually came, when the newsfolk were predicting a “snowpocalypse” or whatever. I did some outlines and started to ink out a giant snowy Fenrir the Wolf descending on Olympia, with the thought to making a poster or something, but I didn’t like the brushwork and then decided that, best case, it wouldn’t have been produced until weeks after the storm had passed. I did use the ink I’d mixed out to make some pretty nice art that I’ll post later this week. 

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