Isle of Boom Harmony

Harmony Boom Island,, is this nifty new work-in-progress I’m doing with Christine Malek of Vidaliah, which I totally also mentioned here, like, two days ago. Anyhow, she and I have been creating a world, populated by five species. It’s been cooking for a month or so and will continue to simmer unabated for a couple of more weeks until we launch a Kickstarter campaign in early April.


These photos were both taken using our prototypes and are available as 8×10″ prints over at the website.  I also have the third prototype critter here in my studio and we should have the last couple done within a week. We’ll have actual stuffed animal/original art sets available for sale in a month or so. We’ve also got 20 small painting/illustrations up for sale on the site. They’re pretty sweet little things that we’re kicking off with along with the photos to help finance the project, which is fairly material and labor heavy.

The website, like all of this, is still a work in progress, being adjusted and adapted pretty much at whim and as new stuffs come into my possession. It’s a pretty nifty project that we’re excited about, so we hope you enjoy.

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