More Harmony Boom Island!

So yesterday we (Christine and me) met with people in Seattle and have some pretty cool updates to the Harmony Boom Island world. First, we have our first proper “Product” done, with this little Mazzlebug right here:

The stuffed version stands about 16″ or so and the artwork is ink on 11×14″ bristol. Once we’re in full production, these two would be packaged as a set. We’re still working out our process, but this is the general idea.

Further, yesterday we met with the Seattle Storefronts people and are pretty much shortlisted to get a storefront in Seattle to build a diorama out of our Harmony Boom creatures sometime here in 2012. No guarantee, but that’s the plan. Very exciting for us since building a little habitat/scene for them was always at the forefront of what we want to do with Harmony Boom. It’s why we’ve created a world instead of just one-off pieces.

Thirdly! We went by a gallery called Tasty where I dropped off a bunch of art for a show I’m in next month (more on that when it opens!) and we’re going to be doing a window display for them as well for their summer show, Creature Features! More on that when we come closer.

All in all very exciting for us and we’re super jazzed with how much everyone who has seen our creatures has just adored them. We’ll be putting together a Kickstarter project around Harmony Boom later on in April to finance building a set of life sized creatures.

Finally! Christine Malek, my partner through Harmony Boom is having a show at the Splash Gallery here in Olympia from April 6th to the 15th. Here’s her thingy:

Man, long post and it’s not even all the stuff that’s on for me right now, but that’s just how we roll sometimes. I’m out of town (Hi Cally!) for a little bit so I needed to get it all crammed in, since I’ll be basically unable to make posts while I’m gone. There you go.

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