New Scanner- New Piece of Art

So I got a new scanner yesterday, a fancy A3 size one so that I can scan larger pieces of art in a single go, instead of trying to glue them together from several smaller scans (a Bathos comic is currently 4 scans). There’ll be a bit of a learning curve as with all new technology, and not just the hour I spent trying to get the driver to work this morning. This scanner’s top is much lighter than my previous scanner’s, so it doesn’t flatten out the paper warp as much (a byproduct of ink wash greys and colors). It’s also got a fairly deep little bed, so I’ll have to test it some to make sure I don’t damage anything when I scan something REALLY big. Overall, small problems compared to have an 11″x17″ scanner at my disposal. Here’s a piece of art I did yesterday:

I’ll be trying to get this guy cleaned up and print ready to hopefully have as an 8″x10″ at my Make Olympia booth during Olympia’s Arts Walk this Friday evening. The tube is pretty accurate (except for the robots) and is actually a Sovtek I took out of a compressor to use as a model. There you go.

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