Arts Walk!

Hey all, I’m about two and a half hours from being downtown setting up my booth for the Make Olympia portion of Olympia Arts Walk. I’ll be there selling hot steaming art from 5-10pm, at which point I hope someone will show up magically to help me take stuff down and pack everything into my car. I’ve got a whole bunch of new prints, many of which were probably posted on this blog at one point or another (I’ll get them on the shop soon for those who can’t make it but still want a picture of a tube full of tiny robots), plus several new posters (that are already available at the shop). ¬†Also, about a month or so ago I threw away a couple of weeks of my life working on a piece for a show at the Washington Center here in Olympia this weekend. The show’s requirements were to make a piece of art out of a single sheet of plywood.

This ended up being far more work than I had anticipated and forced the buying of some new equipment, but it was still quite an experience and came out with probably the largest Bathos I’ve ever created, standing at like 3 or maybe 4 feet high. He’ll be available to view in person this weekend at the aforementioned show at the Washington Center in downtown Olympia. Working in this way was fun, so I’ll probably try it again sometime.

There you go.

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