Hamlet Print

Hey.  Here’s a print I got back from the print-making place yesterday of none other than our lord Hamlet. I’ve got keen 8×10 prints for sale now that look like this:

Pretty snazzy, yes? It’s available in the Lit Project section of the NKhmc shop. For those of you who is purists, email me about availability of the original piece of 9″x12″ artwork this print came from, which looks like so:

I’ve done a lot of Hamlet stuff lately so I should probably post something unrelated soon, just so as not to go insane or drive away the Stratford-Upon-Avon haters.  I’ve got some random sketches/art stuffs I’ve done lately, so maybe I’ll post those if I ever get around to scanning them. In the meantime, I guess, enjoy this caricature thing I did of my buddy Tim for his birthday, just to prove that I don’t only draw chubby little Fisher-Price people.

(Tim, if you’re seeing this before I give it to you this afternoon, happy birthday!)

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