Arts Walk Post Op 2

I sold several postcards this week to someone who is part of this thing called where you basically just send postcards around the world willy nilly and other people send them back to you. I like mail, so I signed up and a postcard is winging its way to Russia as soon as the mailman comes by this afternoon.

I can’t imagine sending too many of these- the cost of postage and my short attention span being the primary culprits, but it still seems fun enough to shoot out a couple.

When I stopped by the Washington Center to pickup my Plywood art piece yesterday, I found this, which confirmed a rumor I’d heard:

No one from the organization has contacted me or anything, so lord knows what, if anything, I actually won, but it’s still pretty cool. Now, I just need to find a home for a four-foot tall robot. I can deliver within the Puget Sound Region if anyone is interested in buying it! Further abroad runs into some problems, but isn’t totally impossible.

Finally, I did a piece of art yesterday with the same extra ink wash still sitting on my drafting table from the pieces I did over the weekend. I guess this is a Robub since he has no antenna, but he’s a little skinny. Those guys sure do love their carbs!

Took the scan with the new scanner, a box of envelopes and a German Verb dictionary piled on top. Flattened out most of the water warp, but I had to Photoshop out a wrinkle that proved too much even for that. I think I need a bunch of phonebooks but who the heck even knows if those are still produced these days! I’ve got some great heavy books on my shelf right here, but need to take the time to clear off all of the other books piled on top of them first, and now it’s time for lunch, soccer, and Bathos. Cheers.

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