My Birthday! Scrimshaw!

Hey Internet, today is my birthday so I’ve got a couple of things for you. The second thing is a new Bathos, to be published a little later today. I’ve still got to do the spot-blacks, so I’ll get that all wrapped up later on this morning. The first thing is the Triumphant Return of Scrimshaw! That’s right, after, like a two and a half year hiatus, everyone’s favorite comic about life in a whale has returned to the airwaves! It actually started last week, but you can pick it up from the beginning of the new comics by clicking here.

This isn’t totally nuts or out of left field since there was always an intention to continue Scrimshaw after the first series ended. In fact, from the very beginning, those early comics were stored in a folder called “Issue 1” on my computer. It just took awhile for me to get it started up again. Of course, though I wrote out a good 20 or so episodes for Issue 2 back during the first run of Scrimshaw, I have no idea where they are now, so I’m starting from scratch and will have to try to find those comics someday… someday…

If you’re new to Scrimshaw, you can pick it up at Book 1 either on the web or by buying Book 1 in our shop.

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