New Alphabet Poster Thingy and Bookhunter Fan Art

So last week I teased that I was working on a new secret Alphabet Project. This is NOT that project. I ran out of the paper I was using for that project and haven’t been to the store yet, so I ended up doing this one-off thing instead that I hope to get made into posters when I find an extra wad of cash floating around:


This was done on two sheets of paper, one with India ink for the dogs, the other with ink wash for the background. The dogs were colored digitally. If anyone wants to buy this, I’ll sell it basically for the cost of getting the posters made, plus shipping, which is a pretty good deal. Contact me!

The secret Alphaproject will continue shortly, once I make it to the store.

So a couple of weeks back, I met Jason Shiga, of Bookhunter and Meanwhile and Empire State fame. He’s one of my favorite comic book creators. Anyhow, he was here for the Oly Comics Fest and I got to hang out with him a bunch, so this week I did a piece of fan-art and sent it off to him. Enjoy:

This was done with technical pen on the last sheet of the bristol I was using for the secret Alphabet project. Sheesh!

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