This Bear Was a Scout

I was cleaning my office a little bit yesterday and came across the pencils for this (I came across a LOT of things that were only penciled or half done, so this is not unusual).  I’ve got no real clue what the point of it was but inking it seemed like something to do while I watched an episode of Foyle’s War. I’ve got no idea why the old lady had such a Simpsonsesque mouth or what was going on with the shape of the crook’s head. The only change I made to the pencils was that the bear’s mouth was open in the pencils, as if he were saying something. I don’t really remember even doing this so who knows what he was saying. I decided that chicks dig the strong silent type and there you go. I colored it in Photoshop this morning while drinking my coffee.

Nothing fancy- technical pen on A4 cardstock.

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