Buy Stuff

There are a couple or three ways of buying stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. One is by checking out the Never Knows HMC shop, where there are some books and stuff on sale, I think.

You can also visit Gallery Boom, a gallery  in downtown Olympia, WA. Most of my books and coffee mugs are there, plus some prints, and posters, and paintings and other of my assorted projects and stuffs.

I randomly put designs up at my Threadless shop, so go buy some shirts!

Finally, you can just contact me directly. Most of the artwork I post here is available for sale to anyone who is interested. Some of it is commissioned or earmarked for other projects, but much of it is just sitting in cabinets looking for a home once it’s been created. This includes illustrations from the books I put out, so if there’s something that grabs your fancy, contact me and ask about it.

I am a working artist, so I do also take commissioned work if you’re looking for something specific. There you go.

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