P. Calavara is a contingent of different artists working together to form a whole. They primarily consist of the Calavara twins, Polly and Perry, whose birthday is June 6th. Send amazing presents! Their artistic temperaments vary wildly, which make them ideal for bickering endlessly over whether it’s spelled “xebu” or “zebu.” Sometimes this bickering results in art and books being produced.

While our work may be attributed to either twin, a mysterious older brother, or simply the letter “P,” the truth is that all of our work is a constant collaboration.

We’re based in Olympia, WA, a city known for its beauty, its culture, and its resourceful raccoon population.

P. Calavara is available for parties! Or commissioned art for your reason-you-need-commissioned-art, be it illustration, painting, or some hybrid of the both, created through science driven mad by the tortured soul within, forced to haunt the nights of man. Also, digital type stuffs. Contact us through the interweb machine!

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